Covered wagon trips

Explore the surroundings of Schönholthausen or other routes in our covered wagon in convivial company. The covered wagon has room for a maximum of 22 people. The trip takes you to the most beautiful places around Schönholthausen. There is no lower limit for the number of people.

The length and duration of the tour are determined by the guests. The tour costs 120 € per hour plus individual arrival and departure if the tour does not start from our house but from another starting point and to another destination and a stop is to be made on the way.

Chilled drinks (selection by arrangement), coffee and cake or hearty snacks for the road, much is possible. Music system (car radio) available, guests can play their own music. If guests bring their own drinks, we charge a cleaning fee of 30,- €.

It is best if the organiser(s) contact us in advance and we can discuss the tour individually on the phone. We will also be happy to work out tour proposals for you. Please use the enquiry form for the initial contact.