Valid from 30.10.2023


Beef broth 5,50 €

- with dumplings, eggs and more -

Goulash soup 6,50 €

- slightly spicy, with many pieces of beef -

Cream of pumpkin soup with caramelised pumpkin seeds 6,00 €

Would you like to take a liter of soup home? Sometimes we have other soups on offer. Just ask...



Beef carpaccio 12,00 €

with rocket and parmesan

Potato and vegetable waffles with herb cream with salad bouquet 4,50 €

(large portion -as main course with side salad- 13,50 €)



Main courses

"Steinhoff's barbecue plate" 21,50 €

Fillet pieces of beef, pork and poultry, with herb butter, bacon bean, roasted potatoes and salad


"Coachman´s pan" 20,50 €

Pork tenderloin with mushroom cream sauce and topped with homemade spaetzle, then gratinated with cheese, plus a salad

(smaller portion 17,50 €)


"Steinhoffs Krüstchen" 16,50 €

Schnitzel on roast potatoes covered with mushroom cream sauce, on it a fried egg, in addition a salad

(smaller portion 14,00 €)


Pork escalope 15,50 €

- optionally with mushroom cream sauce or gypsy sauce or pepper cream sauce, served with french fries and salad

(smaller portion 12,50 €)


Pulled pork with barbecue sauce 15,00 €

served with grilled potatoes, herb cream and coleslaw

(smaller portion 12,50 €)


Rump steak with balsamic shallot sauce,

served with roast potatoes and salad

200gr. 25,50 € - 300gr. 31,50 € - 500gr. 39,50 €


Venison stew with spaetzle, apple compote and cranberries 17,50 €

(smaller portion 15,00 €)


Leaf salad with marinated chicken fillet strips 13,00 €

served with house dressing or vinegar-oil dressing and baguette

(smaller portion 10,00 €)


Fried bread dumpling slices 15,00 €

with sautéed cocktail tomatoes and mushrooms on rocket salad

(smaller portion 12,00 €)


Wheat tortilla wrap,

filled with marinated chicken fillet strips, cream cheese and salad with house dressing 13,00 €


Vegan - with beetroot chutney, falafel balls and salad with vinegar-oil dressing 11,50 €


Roast wild boar 20,50 €

with red apple cabbage and fried bread dumplings

(smaller portion 17,50 €)

(smaller portion with either smoked pork loin or mettwurst 11,50 €)

Kale with smoked pork and mettwurst 14,00 €

served with roast potatoes

(smaller portion with either smoked pork loin or mettwurst 11,50 €)


Goose breast with red cabbage and Schupfnudeln 20,50 €


Fried salmon fillet on ribbon noodles with lime sauce 21,50 €

served with a salad


Pumpkin Risotto - vegan - with falafel balls 13,50 €

served with pumpkin chutney

(smaller portion 14,50 €)


Schnitzel with Bolognese and cheese au gratin 16,50 €

served with french fries and a salad

(smaller portion 13,50 €)



Chocolate cake with liquid core 7,00 €

served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (duration approx. 20 minutes)


Kaiserschmarren 5,50 €

on vanilla ice cream


Raspberry and lemon sorbet 3,50 € (lactose-free)


Steinhoff's dessert plate 7,00 €

-a sweet temptation with three desserts


Vanilla ice cream with berry sauce and whipped cream 5,50 €


To go with dessert - or as a liquid dessert:

Kempers Chocolate Whisky Liqueur 4cl €6.50

A harmonious composition of Kemper's rye whisky, full of character and a noble chocolate note. A special whisky with a strong woody note, spicy caramel and the scent of vanilla is complemented by a subtle hint of chocolate made from Criollo cocoa bean shavings. a very special taste.